10 Best PPC Platforms For Driving Highest Conversions

10 Best PPC Platforms For Driving Highest Conversions

If you’re working to improve the quality of your digital marketing campaigns, you’ve discovered the importance of strategies like search engine marketing (SEM) and web design. Even if you know everything there is to know about PPC, you may need help knowing where to begin using it. The good news is that there are numerous paid advertising platforms from which to choose. Ten of the top PPC platforms for your PPC campaign are listed below.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most well-known and widely used advertising platforms. Google Ads is an excellent higher-intent platform suitable for new and experienced businesses. It contributes to higher click-through (CTR) and conversion rates for businesses using the keyword advertising model. You’ll primarily show Google Ads ads to people based on what they’re searching for on Google Search Network or Search Partner sites. Google Ads is a paid search platform based primarily on keyword lists. Your search audience is entirely determined by how a user’s query relates to the keywords you’re targeting. As a result, a Search Engine Marketing Agency can catch these users when they’re actively shopping, researching, or considering.

Facebook Ads

Anyone who spends time on Facebook these days knows that every 3-4 organic posts, they will come across a sponsored ad. That is the allure of Facebook advertising: its complex algorithm works in the background to determine which posts and ads are most relevant for users to see in their feeds. Facebook Ads is a platform that targets specific audiences. Rather than targeting keywords (as you would with Google Ads), you target audiences of people based on their interests, demographics, behaviours, or actions on your website. Members are added to these audiences based on various signals they express, such as who they follow, the pages they interact with, or previous posts they interact with.

YouTube Ads

Because Millennials have the most trust in YouTube, you can use the video platform to reach almost any audience. With non-skippable in-stream ads, you pay for more screen time and visual space to demonstrate your product’s highlights and value proposition. When you enter search queries for product reviews or songs into YouTube’s search box, you’ll notice search feed ads that, when clicked, take you to the full video. Another type is banner ads, which appear at the top of the YouTube homepage. YouTube’s powerful personalisation and storytelling capabilities make it an excellent PPC platform. Any Marketing Agency will say that. They envision themselves benefiting from your brand and the visual increases brand trust.

Instagram Ads

Meta owns Instagram as well. Instagram advertising is relatively more expensive as a PPC platform, with an average CPC of $3.56. However, if you achieve a 70% conversion rate, it is completely worthwhile. This company used Instagram Ads to direct potential customers to their direct messages, encouraging them to order food or ask questions about the menu. Talk about engaging! We enjoy the level of customer interaction here. Brands can reach their target audiences by combining stunning product photography and videography with various ad formats. Although you may be used to your weekly Stories ad, statistics show that Instagram Reels video ads have the highest audience reach.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads (also known as Bing Ads) is frequently overlooked in the world of search engine marketing. Why? Because Google casts a large shadow. Nonetheless, we use Microsoft Advertising for many of our clients. Many Americans continue to use Bing. These users also have higher incomes. The competitive pricing is perhaps the most appealing aspect of Microsoft Ads. Examine the results of your Google Ads campaigns for any blind spots indicating poor performance. It may be the result of intense competition in a crowded market. Microsoft Ads campaigns may help to overcome this barrier because you’ll pay less for the same keywords and reach a larger portion of the search engine’s audience.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is a must-have platform for B2B businesses. That isn’t to say that other types of businesses can’t succeed on LinkedIn; however, due to its targeting options and typical user base, B2B advertising tends to perform better here. LinkedIn is a social networking site for business professionals. Users connect with other users from the same and other companies while promoting the company for which they work. Microsoft acquired the platform and launched it into the spotlight in 2016, around the time that many of us became aware of the buzz and decided to jump on board.

Amazon Ads

Amazon’s massive marketplace is ideal for eCommerce brands looking to make a difference. Amazon is the undisputed king of product-led search, even outperforming its archrival, Google, in this regard. Amazon customers are prepared to buy. As a result, they are much more likely to purchase something from an Amazon Ad than from a Google Ad. Platform indicates intent, and Amazon is unrivalled when it comes to purchasing intent. Amazon Ads can be used to sponsor your products in a variety of ad formats. With this low-cost PPC option, you can significantly boost your sales team.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a search engine that is frequently misidentified as a social network. Users use a visual search engine to look up crafts, decorations, lifestyle, and other topics. When users are on Pinterest, they are more likely to buy. They can see a full-sized pin of your content instead of a text-based ad. You can also easily manage your promoted pins with the ad platform’s robust budget and demographic options. If you are an eCommerce brand, you can directly increase sales using the Pinterest Ads platform.

TikTok Ads

TikTok has taken the world by storm, particularly among Generation Z. Even HubSpot agrees that if video ads are your brand’s strength, you can’t limit yourself to just Google and YouTube. With their interactive format, TikTok video ads are great for sparking conversations and engagement, making this PPC platform worthy of a spot in your digital advertising strategy. TikTok charges brands a $1 average CPC, or an average of $10 per 1,000 views, according to AdRoll (CPM). However, new businesses should wait a few months before diving into TikTok unless you are with a Search Engine Marketing Agency. The platform requires a minimum $500 campaign budget, which you may need help allocating as a beginner marketer.

Reddit Ads

Reddit’s advertising platform is relatively new, having launched in 2019. However, it taps into the vulnerable, raw emotions and pain points of the platform’s millions of subthreads. People who post on Reddit are generally honest, which contributes to the 90% of people who trust product information on Reddit. Reddit covers almost every topic. Each one will be highlighted in its own subreddit, with highly engaged users delving deeper into a specific topic than they would on other social media platforms. Bidding on this PPC platform is primarily based on cost per action (CPA). We’re talking about app installs, video views, and purchase completion.
Each of these paid advertising platforms has the potential to do wonders for your business, but only if you know how to use them effectively.



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